August 29, 2013

LIKE US ON       FOLLOW US ON We just have four sales a year and now is the time for our ANNUAL CHRISTMAS sale! Sale begins December 13, and runs through December 23rd.  Here are the events of the week! 1.  HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE!!  December 13th 6pm- 9pm!  Great snacks and the sale begins!  […]

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Retro Candy–A Bit Of Nostalgia For Your Taste Buds

July 14, 2013

LIKE US ON                     FOLLOW US ON When was the last time you sunk your teeth into a Maple Bun?  A Mallo Cup?  Turkish Taffy? Bet it’s been a while! Main Street Shoppes does its very best to keep all of your favorite retro candy in stock.  Next time you’re in the Indianapolis area, stop […]

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July 5, 2013

  LIKE US ON        FOLLOW US ON There is a new trend in photography, lets call it vintage photography!  Many photographers, both professional and non-professional alike, are choosing to use antique and vintage items as props in their photographs.  One of our loyal customers, Amanda Matthews, who happens to be a professional photographer in […]

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Shining A Light On Vintage & Antique Lighting

June 8, 2013

LIKE US ON FOLLOW US It is amazing how just one small light fixture can transform an entire room. Many homeowners find shopping for light fixtures difficult.  They feel that though the options are plentiful in big chain stores, they often lack character.   Thus, these homeowners are turning to antique malls, (the best being […]

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Inspirational Workspaces With Indiana Antiques

June 2, 2013

FOLLOW US LIKE US ON Are you a writer?  A photographer?  A painter?  A seamstress?  Or do you just enjoy being crafty in your spare time?  We all have a creative side that we need to tap into every once in a while, and when that happens, we need our own space in which to […]

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A Vintage Wedding & A Happily Ever After!

May 16, 2013

LIKE US ON FOLLOW US Wedding season is upon us! The question has been popped. The date set. The venue picked. The invitations mailed. What is left to do? Well, just about everything! But don’t panic. The great thing about weddings today is that they are less by the book and more whimsical than in […]

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Vintage Kitchen Inspiration

April 19, 2013

LIKE US! FOLLOW US! Around Indianapolis and all of Indiana antique lovers  find vintage inspiration.  But nothing evokes the feeling of happiness on a sunny afternoon with a soft breeze blowing and the smell of fresh baked apple pie quite like a vintage kitchen.  There’s something  about a vintage kitchen’s atmosphere that speaks to all […]

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March 1, 2013

LIKE US! FOLLOW US! If you are like most, you probably have a piece of furniture that has been handed down to you. Possibly you have a piece that you picked up at auction, a yard sale, a vintage market, etc. Like most vintage / antique furniture the finish is probably not in pristine condition, […]

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Rustic and Refined

February 20, 2013

LIKE US! FOLLOW US! Main Street Shoppes is a great place to find anything from Vintage to Primitive, from Rustic to Refined. It’s definitely an eclectic mix sure to meet anyone’s taste.  Shoppe #2 is a great example of this! This is a full view of what she has to offer!  Now lets take a […]

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Vintage Inspired or the Real Thing

February 13, 2013

LIKE US!     FOLLOW US! Vintage doesn’t always mean old and dated. Sometimes vintage means new and posh! Vintage inspiration is all around us.  You find it in fashion, home decor, advertising, architecture and even your local card shop.  However, when you can have “true vintage”- the real thing, it’s always better! Kind of the […]

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