Mural Story

What do yo do with a very plain pole barn building. It had no personality and most people didn’t even see it, even though it was 150 feet long and 22 ft. high to the bottom of the roof. It was white – very oxidized and really ugly! So, 8 years ago we power washed and painted it canary yellow. Helped! But still no personality.

So, why not put some art on the side?  But what is it going to be?  After several months of  “playing” with ideas we decided on a 1900s main street scene.  We (the family) discussed, debated and finally decided on the building you see now.  Then we had a good friend and employee, Rose Houston draw the picture to “scale”.

After thoroughly cleaning the building we sprayed the basic outline of the sky, ground and buildings.  Then the fun really began as we “cut-in” the details.

All told, it was about a 6 month project.  Working around the rain really slowed us down.

Every time we drive up to the building we like what we see!

The following pictures are the finished project – enjoy!

The Blank Canvas!

In the Process

Getting it done!

Grand Junction RR Station

Harry's Barber Shop

Week's General Store

Pearl's Antiques

Church of Christ on Main Street

Mary's Soda Shop

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