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Every life has its own soundtrack.  What is yours?

Music is a great form of nostalgia.  The first note of a song has the ability to sweep you back into time.  You may be driving along in your car listening to the radio when suddenly an old song comes on and you are back in your childhood bedroom, listening to your favorite record over and over again.  You are on your first “car” date, your heart thumping away as you anticipate that first kiss.  You are in your old high school gym, dancing at your senior prom.  You are on the dance floor, having your first dance as man and wife at your wedding.

Of course, these days, you can download any song that you want from itunes.  Nothing, however, compares to hearing a song in its original form or holding that great album cover in your hands. Many of us collected all of those great albums in the days of our youth and then somehow they vanished!  Maybe your favorite was Led Zeppelin 4 or Sgt Pepper or one of the Dillon albums, whatever it was, chances are you can find it at Main Street Shoppes, one of Indianapolis area’s premier antique malls.  Come in and take a look at our fabulous collection of classic long play albums.    Both Vendor #s 35 and  87 specialize in vinyl, and you will also find albums sprinkled throughout the store.  All together we have thousands!  Come in and take a look, it’s kind of like being in a great record store!  You are sure to find the songs that make up the soundtrack of your life!

2013-08-07 12.58.54 Vendor # 35 constantly adds inventory to his great selection of albums!


2013-08-07 12.48.20 At Vendor #87 you will find another great selection!!



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