Junk in your trunk? or Enough Trunks for your JUNK?

Old trunks or suitcases make great extra storage as well as a statement in a room.  We all have “junk” or things we need to stash away, but still want to be able to access.  Why not make a statement while storing your “junk”.

Main Street Shoppes has a great selection of trunks!  I have taken a few photos I thought I would share.

This would be fantastic used as a night stand next to a bed.

This trunk is very similar to the one pictured below and can be found in shoppe # 29


Here’s a couple more that can be found in shoppe # 127

Trucks can also be very pretty just as a statement piece all their own.  Especially if you are trying to give your room a European feel. Here is one from Main Street Shoppes. Paired with an old french chair, some linens coming out of one of the drawers and a vintage piece of clothing hanging from a hanger would be beautiful in a corner of a bedroom.

This piece can be found in shoppe # 76

Inspiration piece….


How about turning one into a bar?


Do I have you thinking yet?  Here are a few more that you can find at Main Street Shoppes.

These can be found at the top of the stairs

This one can be found in Shoppe #29.  This would make a great blanket chest at the foot of a bed.

Of course….any of these would make a great coffee table like this one.


Trunks are perfect for ANY decor!  As you can see above, the contrast of rustic and contemporary look great together.

So now that I have your mind ticking….why not stop in and do a little shopping?

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