Time machines… Do they exist?

You’re going about your busy day, and THAT song comes on the radio. You know, the one that takes you back to an earlier time and place in your life. The feel good song that brings back memories of  good times. Well, that’s the same kind of feeling some people get at an Antique Mall. When you walk through the doors at Main Street Shoppes, you don’t just find great stuff, you find great memories.


Over the years, we’ve enjoyed hearing stories of our customers “special find.” For example, while you might see an ordinary pyrex bowl and walk on by, the lady behind you sees Grandms’s bowl! The one she mixed her special cookie dough in. The bowl she’s been searching for.  – memories


Around the corner a man finds a Radio Flyer Scooter he hasn’t seen since he was a boy. The scooter he accidently broke. A special gift that Santa brought his little brother for Christmas long ago. He excitedly bought the scooter, and can’t wait to see the look on his brothers face when he opens it this Christmas.  -memories



And who could forget the lady who came in looking for a gift for her daughter. Her daughter just graduated from college and, like her mom, wants to be a writer. She wanted to get her an electric typewriter. One like she used to have a few decades back. She thought computers were to quiet, and said the sound of the older typewriter was soothing and might help with creativity.   -memories

So yes… in our opinion, time machines do exist. Today they’re just called by a different name. They’re currently know as Antique malls. And the best one around is Main Street Shoppes!

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