Race Fan Shoppers, Start Your Engines!



Is it the roar of the engines? The excited fans crammed into the 250,000 seats? The brickyard burgers, Indy dogs, and track fries?


Since its inaugural race in 1911 what is it that makes the Indianapolis 500 the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing”? We say it’s all combined, and Main Street Shoppes is the Indiana antique mall that has the memorabilia race fans gotta have!

It’s easy to say that auto racing history is made at the Indy 500. But it’s probably more accurate to say auto racing history IS the Indy 500. The races are legendary and the 500 miles each year are a circular path to immortality for the winner. The place is hallowed ground!


In the Indianapolis area, our 17,000 sq feet of collectors’ items, antiques, and even some more modern pieces celebrating this great sport and our own Indy 500 make our antique mall like no other. Our vendors are fans and they know you are too!


The Indy 500 has become steeped in rich tradition, which is one of it most alluring aspects. It has the several-day celebration for the race buildup which started in 1957 with the 500 Festival Parade. There’s the singing of “Back Home Again in Indiana” before the race which began in 1919 when a track side brass band sang it as Hoosier driver Howdy Wilcox ran his final winning lap. Who doesn’t love the release of the balloons as the final notes of that song are sung? That cool tradition began in 1947. Then there’s the Borg-Warner Trophy—one of the most recognizable trophies in all of sports that’s been awarded to every Indy 500 winner since 1936.IMG_7240

IMG_7146Main Street Shoppes has race fever too! Come get caught up in the race madness with our special priced 


Checkered Flag items!! Beginning May 9th through 31st, our vendors will have select items in their booth adorned with a checkered flag. Those items will have a nice discount for our shoppers. Come search for a coveted Indy 500 collectable—and perhaps even pick up a checkered flag sale item as well. It’s the only place in Indiana where you can find this winning combination!IMG_7239

No other race in the world has legends, traditions and statistics like the Indy 500 Mile Race. It’s history is rich, vast, and entertaining. It is agony and ecstasy. It is triumph and tragedy.  Celebrate in Indianapolis with great shopping at Main Street Shoppes in Westfield!


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