A Hunt to Remember


IMG_6976In the spirit of the traditional easter egg hunts of April….Main Street Shoppes is hosting its first annual Main Street Hunt. Ten days..ten clues to find one sought after item located somewhere in the store.




Sharpen your crafty detective skills and piece together the puzzle. Find the elusive item located in our antique mall and win a $50 gift certificate.




Call on the Clues Brothers if you wish…but these scavenger hunt clues will be challenging. Use your powers of deduction. The item has a winning ticket inside it!! (extra clue)


We’ll announce each day’s clue on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also help you out by keeping a running list of all the clues in order on our website home page.  The item is in our store somewhere. If you fancy yourself a Det. Columbo–perhaps you put the puzzle pieces together and solve the mystery early on. Figure out which item we’re describing and shop till you drop locating it.

IMG_6902 IMG_6875


Remember it’s a race against time–you’ll be searching for the stealthy item along with the other Facebook and Twitter followers out there. Is there a more fun way to win $50 to shop for all kind of spring goodies? Let the clandestine games begin!



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